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Unlock the Potential of Your Airpods with AirPopup Pro APK

+ Dark Theme: Dark popup / widget for users who use the dark theme on the phone. + Carrying detection: Interrupts the playback of media via the AirPod carry detection. + Read Caller: Reads the caller of incoming calls to AirPods. + Hearing aid: Helps your hearing, who is in the vicinity or in another place.

Replication:Unlock iPhone, hold NFC tag to top back of phone (without case or other magnetic or metallic materials nearby). Default iOS behaviour should be to read the contents of a known working tag (works perfectly on an Android device) and display a popup to manage the tag information (e.g. Popup would ask permission to open Safari to open a web link programmed on a tag)

air popup pro apk

3rd Party Tools: Previous versions of iOS 15 beta allowed read and write of NFC tags using apps such as NFC and NFC Tools. I have used "normal" mode, compatibility mode, have attempted to (re)format the tag to no avail. When conducting a read or write using these tools a popup appears, but no tag can be read or written. "Ready to Scan" popup remains open.

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