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Fu Ying Tech Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial service company integrating equipment and accessories trade, technical support and after-sales service.

It was established in February 2014. The main members of the company are from Printing Circuit board (PCB), surface Mount Technology (SMT), IC integrated blocks and other industrial equipment design and manufacturers, is an international joint venture.

The company's goal is to find manufacture cheap and high-quality equipment in China and Taiwan to Thailand, Such as Pressure gauge, Chemical pump, Air blower, Flow meter, etcs. while providing a full range of technical support, product updates, spare parts and equipment maintenance, and other full range of after-sales service.


In addition, the company has its own software and R&D research and development team, a technology innovation research company, and has research cooperation with Tsinghua University, Northeastern University in China.

The company has been established for 7 years, but its business has expanded rapidly. In order to serve our customers in a timely manner, in 2016 Oct, a branch was established in Chonburi to serve customers nearby.

In early 2017, by means of expanding shares and increasing holdings, it fully controlled Shanghai Pinyu Automation Co., Ltd. So far, Fu Ying Tech Co., Ltd. has developed into a group company with three companies.

In order for the company to continue its benign operation in the future, and for Thailand to have its own national brand, our company has made continuous efforts in recent years and has gradually created a series of products under the company's own brand "FYT".

Looking ahead, we will continue our past success and serve more customers.


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