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Saree Pallu Kuchu Designs Book 3

The awesome look of saree kuchu design has come with a single bead attached to the saree and the golden bell is hung to it. The royal blue threads are fixed into the bell and along with pink and blue mix threads, beads are curled up into them.

Saree Pallu Kuchu Designs Book 3

The stylish pink color threads are weaved along with beads for a beautiful saree look. The threads are mixed with golden color to give a bright look. This design of kuchu is used for pattu sarees to make them more beautiful.

The classy blue and pink tassels for Kuchu saree are assembled alternatively. The big and small beads are placed side by side for a rich look of saree. These designs are used for traditional and pattu sarees.

The unique saree kuchu idea is of three bead patterns which form a heap. The wavy threads of navy blue come out of beads. The finest pink curls of thread are attached with round golden beads in between for a fancy look.

Here are some beautiful Kuchu designs done on sarees which not only enhance but also make the saree more beautiful, so go ahead and indulge yourself too in this ancient art which increases not only the appeal of the saree but also makes you look more pretty and you will surely standout among the crowd wearing one of these creations.

This brilliant Orange Silk saree intermixed with hues of red and gold is resplendant by itself, but what increases the appeal of this saree is the beautiful kuchu work done on its pallu, magenta color tassel work with gold beads not only enhance its beauty but also makes it stand-out among other sarees.

This beautiful South saree has been further embellished with kuchu work done on it pallu, it has gold round beads, and brilliant pink rich tassils stitched onto it which gives it a gorgeous look and the lady who wears it will get heaps of praises for sure.

The clever use of kuchu work using gold beads and a mix of maroon and green tassells transform this plain silk saree into a headturner and the one who wears this saree will surely be in the spotlight of any festival or occasion.

This plain blue saree has been jazzed up with a beautiful and unique kuchu bead design by using blue and gold beads. This kuchu work is unique and anyone who wears this saree will surely make heads turn at any party and occasion. 076b4e4f54

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